Stress Counselling

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Stress is considered a state of worry or mental tension that results from a difficult situation (Kamath, n.d.; WHO, 2023). It is a natural human response that prompts us to address challenges and threats in our lives (WHO, 2023). Everyone experiences stress to some degree, but the way we respond to stress makes a big difference to our overall well-being (WHO, 2023).

Counseling can be an effective way to manage stress. It can help you identify the root cause of your stress, develop coping mechanisms, and learn how to manage your stress levels (Olivine, 2024; Sexena, 2023). Counseling can help you understand why you feel stressed and find strategies that can help you learn how to cope with stress (BACP Counselling Changes Lives, 2024). As a mental health counselor, I can help you with going back to the basics, particularly about how you are feeling when you are stressed and why (BACP Counselling Changes Lives, 2024). Some of the techniques that may be used in and outside of counseling include breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and tai chi. Mindfulness gives you the tools to focus on being in the moment, not worrying about the past or the future. It relaxes and revives you, calms your body and mind, and enables clearer thinking (BACP Counselling Changes Lives, 2024).

If you need someone to talk to during your present or reoccurring struggle with stress, please message me below so we can have a free consult session to determine if you are ready to start therapy.



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